SYNAX Handler

Synax is located in Matsumoto, Nagano Japan. Since 1986, SYNAX CO., LTD. is committed to the development of test handlers for semiconductor and electronics industries.

  • Tri-Temp Handler


    Tri-Temp Handler
    • High Stability Tri-Temp. handler
    • Available to operate at minus 55C for many dozen hours

    True Tri-Temp handling Knowledge from large number of install base experience world wide.

Device size 3.0×3.0mm ~ 50×50mm( Depend on condition)
Index time Less than 1sec.
Throughput Approx: 4800 (Depend on condition)
Contact Pitch Various pitch layout available (mm and inches)
Contact Mode Single, Dual, 4ch Square, 4ch In-line, 8ch
Temperature range -55C to 150C
Operation Available to operate -55C for many dozen hours Many customized model installed technical experience. ex. Non magnetic test environmental model, High power testing model, and so on Please consult with our sales for your test requirement.
  • Dual-Temp Handler

    S9 Series - S9 & S9+

    Dual-Temp Handler

    S9 Series has responded recent market trend which is handling smallest devices with Dual Temperature handler.

    • High Accracy Tepmperature control with heat press.
    • Archive lowest vibration with one flame structure.
    • Archive high performance and Low Jam rate 1/20,000
    • Small Package Handling *less than 3 x 3mm
    • Support up to 32ch(S9+)
    • Meet customize request
    • *Option
  S9 S9+
Device Type /Size


Min.3x3mm - Max.50x50mm (Lead Pitch:0.4mm or more) T=0.6~5mm

※Option for 1x1mm handling

Test Mode Up to 8ch

4ch (Square /In-line)
8ch (2x4) 40 x 60mm / 60 x 60mm pitch
Up to 32ch

4ch  (Square / In-line)
8ch  (2x4) 40 x 60mm / 60 x 60mm / 80 x 60mm pitch
16ch  (2x8) 30 x 60mm / 40 x 60mm pitch
32ch  (4x8) 30 x 60mm / 40 x 60mm ptch
Heating Method Heat Press (Non-chamber)
Jam Rate 1/20,000 *Guarantee base
Min.Index Time In-line 4  :  8,500
8ch  :  8,500
16ch : 13,000
32ch :  6,200
Temperature +50 deg C to   +90deg C : +/- 2deg C
+90 deg C to +130deg C : +/- 3deg C
+130 deg C to +150deg C : +/- 5deg C
Contact Force Standard : 85kgf
Option : 225kgf
Standard : 120kgf
Option : 225kgf / 480kgf
Bining 6 Hardware Bining (3 Auto/3 Manual)
Socket Opening 220 x 145 mm 340 x 182 mm (8/16ch)
340 x 265 mm (32ch)
Dimentions 2050(w) x 1650(D) x 1970(H) mm 1950(w) x 1550(D) x 1997(H) mm
Weight Approx 1450kg Approx 1450kg
Optional features Cold Box / High Contact force / 2D barcode scan / 90deg rotator stage / Elevator tray / Camera on transfer hands
  • Customizable Handler S1 Series


    Best Partner for R&D
    • Devices: BGA, CSP, BCC, MLF, QFN, QFP
    • Channel: 1site Thermal head (Able to upgrade more mult site configration)
    • Option: OCR camera, DDD Laser sensor, Area sensor,Load cell etc
    • High contact force: 120Kg/ 150Kg (Option) / site