SYNAX Handler

Synax is located in Matsumoto, Nagano Japan. Since 1986, SYNAX CO., LTD. is committed to the development of test handlers for semiconductor and electronics industries.

  • Tri-Temp Handler


    Tri-Temp Handler
    • High Stability Tri-Temp. handler
    • Available to operate at minus 55°C for many dozen hours

    True Tri-Temp handling Knowledge from large number of install base experience world wide.

    Type: SX2400
  • Dual-Temp Handler

    S9 Series - S9 & S9+

    Dual-Temp Handler

    S9 Series has responded recent market trend which is handling smallest devices with Dual Temperature handler.

    • High Accuracy Temperature control with heat press.
    • Archive lowest vibration with one flame structure.
    • Archive high performance and Low Jam rate 1/20,000
    • Small Package Handling *less than 3 x 3mm
    • Support up to 32ch(S9+)
    • Meet customize request
    • *Option
    Type: S9 & S9+
  • Robotic Handler


    • Devices: BGA, CSP, QFN, BCC, SQFP, TSOP
    • Device size: 1x1 - 100x100 (mm)
    • Temp range: -80~175degrees
    • MAX contact force: 80kgf
    • Test Site: Single
    • Jam rate: 1/1000
    • UPH:1ch:380 (320 with precisor)
    • Index time:9.5 (11.3 with precisor)
  • Customizable Handler S1 Series


    Best Partner for R&D
    • Devices: BGA, CSP, BCC, MLF, QFN, QFP
    • Channel: 1site Thermal head (Able to upgrade more mult site configration)
    • Option: OCR camera, DDD Laser sensor, Area sensor,Load cell etc
    • High contact force: 120Kg/ 150Kg (Option) / site