Full Automation multi-purpose dispensing machine

    Musashi DISPENS MASTER® FAD®2500

    Mainframe of Full Automation coating applicator in response to wide application needs
    • Multi-head correspondence
    • We realize high versatility to various application
    • We realize high-speed dispensing by no stop continuous action: Express JET function
    • It is all automation by management of amount of coating: DVM function
    • Ideal dispensing pattern "leaf line" is formed by void evasion: MCD function (PAT.P)
    • We standardize various optional quality.
Model FAD2500
Discharge pressure setting PC/PLC control (SMEMA conformity)
Application work PCB, ceramic substrate, lead frame, carrier
Movement speed X/Y MAX: 1,000mm/s
Movement speed Z MAX: 1,000mm/s
Refrain locational accuracy X/Y ±0.01mm
Refrain locational accuracy Z ±0.01mm
The number of the dispensing unit Equipped MAX: 2
Application work dimensions L 50~330 mm
Application work dimensions W 30~250 mm
Application work dimensions T 0.5~3 .0mm
The number of the lanes 1
The number of the stages MAX: 3
Normal voltage and frequency AC200V 1φ50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 3kW
External diameter dimensions W*D*H W900 X D1,250 X H1655 mm (※1)
Weight 600 kg (※ 1)